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Avissawella, is a big town in Sri Lanka, governed by an Urban Council, situated on the A4 route from Colombo to Ratnapura, Colombo District, Western Province, Sri Lanka, approximately 59 km east of capital Colombo. It is also known as Seethawakapura.

Truly Avissawella is a beautiful city.The cultural value of the city is mainly as the kingdom of Seethawaka is located in close proximity to Avissawella even at present there are places with a great heritage value within the city limits. The commercial value of it is immense. Sense of ancient days this area is known for its agriculture. And even today a major industrial park is located in Avissawella. The beauty of this grate city is mainly as one of the four main revers run through it and it is surrounded by a scenic mountain range. My mission is to bring the cultural, economical and the historical value of this grate city to one location call “”.

Pubudu Siriwansa

සීතාවක රාජ්‍යය ඓතිහාසික විමර්ශනයක් (3)

රාජසූරිය කුමරගේ හා නිකපිටිය කුමාරයාගේ නම් චූලවංශයේ සදහන් නොවේ. රාජාවලිය විස්තරය අනූව මායදුන්නේ අවුරුදු 70ක් රජකම් කර තිබේ. මායාදුන්නේ 85 වසරක් ජීවත්වූ බව කේරෝස් කියයි. රජු මියයන විට වයස 80ක් බව කූ‍තෝ කියයි. රාජවලියේ…