Dr. M. M. M. Irshad is the present link in an age old dynasty of Ayurwedic legacy in this area. Even today a large number of people visit the Thalduwa Hereditary Ayurwedic Dispensary. For their sinuses at Thalduwa. Only on Fridays Dr. Irshard is available at a clinic in Rathnapura in the morning hours.
Even in hos bossy schedule he was available for short interview with us.
Ancient doctors used nature as means for their medicinal needs according to them the day was divided in to 4 parts as the mornings, noons, evenings, and nights. And the always followed their own universal paten. Within that paten the sun, moon, stars and astrology was taken in to consideration.
All treatments were made using parts of plants. As they do not contain anything that is harmful for the human body. All plants are created to be nourished by the earth so whatever we extract from plants will have the strength of the earth. Today this is known as the “Passpanguwa or The Dasapanguwa”
And that is how Dr Irshad enlightened us regarding the Aurwadic treatments.
He also went on explaning that in addition to Ayurweda , and srilankan Wedakama he also uses Arabic medicinal practices to obtain best results.
Explaining more about the history of his method of treatment he says “ my famales line of treatment has always been Sarwang wedakam” also known as General Physical treatment witch contain several man sickness such as Arthritis, Paralyses, balder stones, bareness, Gynecology, Sinuses, Asthma, Rheumatism, Children’s illness, Bludpresher, Piles, Yellow fewer and diabetes.
He went on saying that there is deference between western and Sri Lankan aurwadic treatment work. Manly western medicine works according to a Patten but the Sri Lankan aurwadic treatments is deferent it has no side effects and we go to the root of the sickness and start from thare
This is how Dr. Irshad explained how Ayurweda , and Srilankan Wedakama works.